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Dowell is a professional safety shoes, PVC boots, EVA boots manufacturer in China. We have about 20 years of experience in this industry, in this post, we will share with you about the safety shoes buying tips for your reference. If you still have any questions, please just contact us. 

1.The Material Of Safety Shoes

We can roughly divided safety shoes’ material into rubber material and PVC material. Rubber material has the advantages of strong toughness, anti-skid wear-resisting and stable safety performance. There are also some disadvantages of rubber material. This kind of material is relatively thick and the air permeability is very poor. The large production and the low price of PVC material deserve our choice . But we can not ignore the material has poor hygroscopicity, poor variability and other defects either.D

2.Use Of Safety Shoes

According to different uses, we can roughly divided safety shoes into the following kinds. People use insulated safety shoes to protect electrical workers from electric shock within a certain voltage range. Anti – acid and alkali safety shoes for the ground acid and alkali and other corrosive liquid such as acid and alkali splashing work place. The soles and uppers of these shoes must be well resistant to acid and permeability. What’s more, the main function of anti-hot safety shoes is to prevent burning soup, cutting, high temperature resistance, non-flammable. Waterproof safety shoes are used in working places where the ground is flooded or splashed, which of whom require wear-resisting, skid – proof and Pierce – proof.

3.The Price Of Safety Shoes

As far as I am concerned,the material of safety shoes has a big impact on the price. The price of PVC safety shoes is generally lower than the price of rubber safety shoes. At the same time, it is not difficult for us to find that the price difference of safety shoes with different functions is also very obvious. Cold safety shoes are much more expensive than safety shoes for other purposes. Such a price can’t be separated from the fact that cold-proof safety shoes require a lot of hot material. Overall, the lowest-priced safety shoes are waterproof. However, there are already safety shoes that can be used for a variety of purposes, and these versatile safety shoes are cost-effective.

4.Considering Buying Safty Shoes Above, How To Choose Safety Shoes

If the working environment requires high safety shoes, you can choose the corresponding safety shoes according to the different working environment and the type of work. When working in a chemical plant, we can wear acid-proof and alkali-proof safety shoes. It’s better for steel workers to choose heat-resistant safety shoes.Cold storage staff will not hesitate to choose cold safety shoes to resist the cold. Electrician had better choose insulation safety shoes. If you don’t care about price, Multifunctional safety shoes are the best option for you. This kind of safety shoes is versatile and come in handy no matter where workers are working. However, producing multifunctional safety shoes requires not only the use of many different materials, but also the integration of subtle design, which can lead to higher prices than other safety shoes.

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