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EVA boots

EVA Boots Guide

In our previous posts, we shared about rubber boots, PVC boots. And we believe you have learned about the PVC rubber boots difference, How To Choose PVC Rainboots, and Why You Should Wear PVC Boots With Steel Toe at work.  Ok, now, in this post, we will share all the things you need to know about the EVA boots. Please take a deep breath, and let’s dive into this post.

What is the EVA material?

I guess many of us will have no idea about EVA. Cause it’s usual that people, will not spend time on these boring chemical materials. Well, let me make a re-introduction about EVA material.

EVA is a soft, flexible plastic with low-temperature toughness and stress crack resistance. The flexible EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.

Is EVA material leather or rubber?

EVA is not leather or rubber, and it is short for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate. And it is more similar to rubber, but lighter than rubber. Therefore, many of the households, sports shoes will apply the EVA into the products.

What are the EVA outsoles differences from others?

There are many materials to the outsoles, like TPU, rubber, TR, PU. Each material has its advantages on the outsole. For example, the PU outsole is the most wearable. PVC outsoles are stout than TPR. But TPR outsoles elasticity is better than the PVC outsole.
About the weight of the outsole, rubber is the heaviest one, and then is the PU; the lightest outsole is EVA. On the price aspect, PU is the most expensive among these three materials.

What are the advantages of the EVA boots?

As we discussed above, EVA material weight is the lightest, and the price is cheapest. So the refrigerator ducts, gas pipes, civil construction panels are usually from EVA.
Since EVA material is the lightest, it won’t make your feet tired after the whole day’s work. On the other hand, the boots have perfect elasticity, flexibility, not easy to fold. So it can adapt to various climates. What’s more, if EVA mix with other material, it will be anti-chemicals. And this broadens the boots applications.

What are the categories of the EVA boots?

Since EVA material has advantages in weight, elasticity, flexibility, and price, the  boots are usually suitable for the wet environment and chemical work environment.

According to the EVA boots’ height, there are ankle EVA shoes and knee height boots. Ankle EVA boots are more casual to wear. They are suitable for a spotless environment, like the operation room. Another name for the EVA shoes is EVA slippers. They are very convenient comfortable to wear, and you can turn to our EVA shoe product page here.

As EVA material is light, the room in the EVA winter shoes is available for the insoles. It can help to keep people warm at a shallow temperature.

What are the outsoles of the EVA boots?

The safety boots’ outsoles are the essential part, and it should be hard to avoid puncturation. And also can absorb the shock to protect the foot. On the other hand, the EVA outsoles should be waterproof and anti-chemical to safeguard the feet.

The standards of the EVA boots?

EVA boots are becoming more and more popular these years, so many countries set the boots standards to ensure quality. The international standards of the safety boots are ISO, and in Europe, the standard is ISO 20345:2011.

When should you wear EVA boots?

As the EVA material is the lightest among all PVC and rubber material, please refer them to wear if you choose to wear the EVA boots, please direct wear them. I believe you won’t be so tired after the one-day long work.

What is the production process of the EVA boots?

Well, it will take many procedures before the finished boots. But generally, the production process will be as below picture. All of the shoes will pass the test inspections before shipment.

EVA boots

What EVA boots we have?

Dowell is a professional safety shoe, PVC safety boots manufacturer in China. With about 20 years of experience, we can custom the design as per customers’ requirements. If you want to wholesale the EVA boots to start your safety shoes business, you can fill below contact form. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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