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EVA boots are shoes made of EVA materials. EVA material has high resilience and tension resistance, and high toughness. Boots made of this material have good shockproof and cushioning properties. Dowell is a professional EVA boots manufacturer in China, we will share with you about the EVA boots wholesale tips in this post. 

EVA boots category

Like PVC rubber boots, EVA safety shoes also have toe protection shoes, insulated shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, steel shoes, rubber boots, cold shoes, and other types. We should note that safety boots cannot satisfy the insulation function and the anti-perforation function of the steel plate at the same time. The insulation function of safety shoes conflicts with the anti-static function, so please choose one according to your needs.

EVA Boots WGE326S

How to wholesale from EVA boots factory in China

As an EVA boots manufacturer, we have large output, fast shipping speed, and low prices. You can first understand our minimum order quantity and then initiate an order according to your needs. Suppose you are already familiar with our products. In that case, you can directly choose the style you want, pay the deposit, and then proceed to wholesale. You can also take our sample shoes first and then decide whether to wholesale.

What about the EVA boots prices?

Safety shoes are different from ordinary casual shoes. Its production process is a footwear product with high-tech content and higher defensive performance than classic casual shoes. The entire production process of safety shoes has specific requirements on raw materials, processing equipment, technology, and design.

We can divide the styles of EVA safety shoes into high-top safety shoes, low-top safety shoes, and middle-top safety shoes. Generally, the price of high-top safety shoes is slightly higher than that of low-top safety shoes.

The choice of safety boots style mainly depends on the scope of protection used and the climate environment. High-top safety shoes can protect the entire ankle and can play a role in winter or cold weather. Low-top can only watch the heel and compare it to use in hot summer.

The production process of EVA safety shoes generally uses three kinds of stitching, gluing, and injection molding. If considering the process unilaterally, the price of injection-molded safety shoes is the highest, followed by adhesive safety shoes. The cost of seam-sewn safety shoes is the lowest. The safety shoes of injection molding and glue seam technology are the most popular ones on the market. They are novel in style and light to wear. The soles are generally made of polyurethane materials and have better wear resistance. The glued safety shoes are relatively traditional, but the style and materials Different, the price is also different. The stitching process is generally for cheap safety shoes.

To be our distributor from China

We are a trusted and chosen EVA boots supplier, and we have an EVA boots factory in China. Our company can deliver goods quickly, with high efficiency and reasonable prices. If you want to be our EVA boots distributor, please contact us as soon as possible. It will be a wise choice for you.

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