How To Keep PVC Rain Boots Looks Perfect During Transportation And Storage?

pvc rain boots package

How To Protect Pvc Rain Boots From Pressed To Deform During Transporting And Storage


In the transportation and storage process of the boots, we will often encounter extrusion and deformation of PVC material. The fundamental reason for the extrusion is their physical properties. The main raw materials of boots are PVC and DOP, whose properties determine that PVC rain boots are relatively soft. During transportation and storage process, because of external extrusion, the boots will be deformed which leads to the unattractive appearance, and finally sales will decrease. And now several ways will be introduced in order to avoid the deformation of rain boots.

                        pvc rain boots           pvc rain boots


1.To package with shoe boxes.

It is a method by putting PVC rain boots into shoe boxes. Due to the protection of shoe boxes, we can avoid the deformation of rain boots when they receive external extrusion, thus PVC rain boots can stay in beautiful appearance. However, as a result of the increase in shoebox packaging, the overall cost and volume also increase. Consequently, the additional cost for shoebox and transportation costs for PVC rain boots will also increase.

pvc rain boots package


2. To add the airbags in the barrel of rainboots when packaging.

Due to the supporting force of the airbags, rain boots can stay in original shape when pressing them by external forces and avoid deformation. As well as the use of shoe boxes, the addition of airbags can also lead to increased cost and overall volume of the rain boots, resulting in an increase in the purchase cost and transportation cost.

3. To produce rain boots with high quality level materials and maintain a certain hardness.

During the production of rain boots, because of the excellent physical properties of high-level material. even if press and deform them during transportation and storage, when the package is opened and the rain boots are taken out, the rain boots will return to their original shape in certain temperature.

4. To increase the thickness of the barrel of boots.

If the thickness of the boots increases, rain boots can also avoid being extruded and deformed. But the increased thickness of the shoe barrel will increase the total cost of the rain boots.

Although Pthe boots are extruded and deformed, there is no need to worry too much.The physical properties causes this of PVC boots. Even if deformed, PVC rain boots will return to original shape naturally after using for several days. It is necessary to remind consumers that it is not the quality problem of rain boots.

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