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Dowell is a professional PVC boots and safety shoes manufacturer in China since 2000. With more than 20 years of experience, we now have built our own R&D development. As what the safety meaning says, we always put the quality in the first place.

On the premise of quality, our safety shoes have a light weight and easy to carry. We classify safety shoes according to their protection, such as anti-static safety shoes and conductive safety shoes, insulating shoes, waterproof safety shoes……On the other hand, we can divide safety shoes’ material into rubber material and PVC material.

PVC Boots Material

The material PVC shoes material is vinyl. The material is lighter and more affordable than rubber. But the wearing experience is as good as the rubber boots because it’s stiffer. Rubber shoes material is heavier and more durable than PVC boots. Usually, the price is higher than in PVC shoes. It’s more flexible and comfortable to wear.


PVC Boots Price

As far as I am concerned,the material of safety shoes has a big impact on the price. The price of PVC safety shoes is generally lower than the price of rubber safety shoes. As the saying goes, Nothing for nothing and very little for a half penny. Different materials make different prices, if you are a distributor in the industry, it’s very cheap to find a manufacturer because you will save costs if you buy directly from the manufacturer. This involves manufacturing process of the safety shoes. We produce the safety shoes in a factory and send it to safety shoes suppliers, they sell our products.

In the early years after World War II, there were few securities for the workers. Therefore, it leads to many dangerous accidents. Gradually, the safety shoes with steel toe were born. It changed workers daily life, this improves work efficiency and reduces the occurrence of dangerous accidents to a certain extent.

Many of the steel toes in the safety shoes steel toe can with up to 75 pounds objects falling pressure from up to three yards. And with the updating technology of these years, the steel toe can withstand several hundred pounds falling pressure. If you do not want to get an injured foot by the heavy objects, wear safety shoes steel toe. After all, it saves you from the pains.

The PVC safety shoes with steel toe can not only prevent object falling, but also it can protect you from slips and falls, cuts/lacerations and burns, and punctures.

If you are interested in our products, you can leave a message to inquire about the price, and then you will receive the quotation. After the evaluation, we will send you samples and make the invoice. After you receive the samples, if you are satisfied, we will arrange the shipment after the payment.

First of all, thank you for your trust in our product. Our requirement for an agent is to have a local sales network. If you want to wholesale safety shoes or custom safety shoes with your own design, welcome to contact us for more details.


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