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The role of safety shoes from safety shoes manufacturers

Prevent static electricity

Anti-static safety shoes can prevent people from accidents caused by human static electricity. To ensure the effect of eliminating the static body electricity, the shoe’s bottom has no insulating impurities. Anti-static safety shoes work by directing static electricity from the human body to the ground, eliminating static electricity from the human body.

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1.2 Insulation

Insulating safety shoes can insulate the feet of electrical workers from electrically charged objects,to prevent electrical work in the existence of electric shock injury.

1.3 Anti-smash

In construction, machining, and other industries, objects often fall, or sharp objects are scattered. Which can cause smashing or stab wounds to the feet. Anti-smashing safety shoes can prevent falling objects from hurting your feet. The top of this safety shoe has impact-resistant material.

1.4 Prevent damage caused by chemicals

Acid and alkali-resistant safety shoes can prevent corrosive damage. In chemical plants, pesticides, and other operating environments that need to expose to acid-base solutions and related chemicals, it can prevent feet from being burned. The bottom and surface of the anti-acid and alkali shoes have good acid and alkali resistance and permeability resistance.

1.5 Prevent significant and low-temperature damage

When working in some workplaces, high temperatures and strong, radiant heat can cause burns and scalds on the feet. High-temperature safety shoes can protect the feet. On the other hand, during outdoor construction in winter in cold regions, cold-proof safety shoes can protect the feet from frostbite.

2.Dowell is one of the safety shoes manufacturers

Dowell is a manufacturing company dedicated to the production of high-end safety products within and outside China. Our company established in 2000. For the past two decades, we have been one of the safety shoes suppliers of PPE in China. We have more than 20 years of production experience and more than ten years of footwear export experience.

We have a professional, hard-working, and dedicated team. Our team has rich experience in business processing and technical management. Dowell’s professionals have always been committed to providing customers with quality products. Our main task is to give the people high-quality, safe products. At the same time, it also provides workers with high-quality safety shoes and EVA shoes. We have to provide people with safe products and first-class safety shoes, which can meet every need of everybody. We are constantly changing and improving to meet the evolving needs of our customers. By using advanced production technology and methods, we have expanded our business scope. Now, we can meet the needs of mining, agriculture, fishery, construction, and food processing industries.


3.What is the most important thing for a safety shoe distributor?

3.1 We can directly connect with the safety shoes factory.

We can guarantee that customers can get the best quality products at the lowest price. At the same time, the factories that are our partners also need to have professional knowledge.

3.2 Production capacity is vital.

We can complete the work on time while guaranteeing product quality.

3.3 R&D capability is an important indicator.

We can meet the needs of customers to keep pace with the times. We can also quickly introduce new ones to meet customer needs.

3.4 Perfect product after-sales is essential.

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