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The PVC Rubber Boots Complete Guide

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1 What PVC rubber boots does the category include?
2 What is the difference between PVC vs. rubber boots?
3 How to choose PVC rubber boots?
4 What is the product manufacturing process of work boots?
5 How to find a reliable safety boots manufacturer?
6 What is the price?

With the rapid increase of the global industry, the pvc boots  and work boots market is growing fast. As per market research, the industrial boots market will be 14$ billion dollars in 2026. On top of industrial use, more and more families are also buying boots for home use. Therefore, the safety market share will be more significant than the prediction.

What PVC rubber boots does the category include?

The boots can classify by material. Just as its name says, there are PVC boots and rubber boots. In the PVC boots category, the boots used are also for home and industrial use.
For example, PVC rain boots, many people will buy for their kids. The PVC steel toe boots are usually for industrial use, and workers can protect hurt and injuries from sharp or hard things.
Some of the boots reach hip height, and they are mainly for deepwater work use. And also, the work boots should protect workers from chemical harm. It requires the PVC work boots material to be anti-corrosion.

What is the difference between PVC vs. rubber boots?

1. The material. PVC boots material is vinyl. The material is lighter and more affordable than rubber. But the wearing experience is as good as the rubber boots because it’s stiffer.

Rubber boots material is heavier and more durable than PVC boots. Usually, the price is higher than in PVC boots. It’s more flexible and comfortable to wear.

2. The durability. Since PVC boots’ material is stiffer than rubber boots, it won’t return to the original shape after stress. With long-time wear, the PVC boots are more fragile than the rubber ones .

While the rubber boot’s material is flexible, it can absorb the shock and return to the original shape. However, the it’s not perfect, and it’s heavier than the PVC boots.

3. The comfort. The main difference between PVC vs rubber boots is comfort in different work scenes. It’s mainly related to the work environment, the wearing time, and the workplace temperature. Let’s see the details in the next paragraph.

How to choose PVC rubber boots?

Below are the points we list for your reference while you are choosing the work boots. Of course, many other factors can affect your decision. If you have any other suggestions, please just let us know.

1. Durability. As we indicated above, the rubber boots’ material is more durable than PVC boots. Therefore, if you wear boots every day in your workplace, then rubber boots are more suitable than PVC boots.

2. Affordability. Suppose the work boots price is the main factor when you are choosing the boots. Then you can select the PVC boots.

3. Flexibility. Usually, you or the workers will be wearing the boots for several hours. So comfort is also a significant factor when choosing work boots. Rubber boots will provide you more comfort while working, so you can focus on working.

4. Weight. If you or the workers need to walk a long way in the workplace, you’d better buy rubber boots since the weight is heavier than PVC boots. You will get exhausted quickly after one day of work, and I bet you will not wear the boots again tomorrow. So it’s better to choose light PVC work boots rather than rubber ones.

5. Liner material. The PVC rubber boots liner material is the critical factor that affects the boots’ comfort. Generally, the liner materials are cotton, cotton/polyester blend. The cotton lining will make you warm; however, it will not dry as fast as the blend material. So if your workplace is humid, we suggest that you choose the polyester/blend liner material. Otherwise, you can choose the cotton liner material if the workplace is cold.

What is the product manufacturing process of work boots?

Do you know the work boots process? How the boots turn into the boot style from the material. Generally speaking, there are four steps in the process. They are raw materials, component manufacturing, and footwear assembly. You can know more details in the below image. If you are interested, please just let us know.

processing of pvc boots


How to find a reliable safety boots manufacturer?

Work boots are consommables, and people usually buy several pairs of boots. So they can equip their family in awful weather. If you are a distributor in the industry, it’s very economical to find a manufacturer because you will save costs if you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Dowell is a professional safety shoes, work boots manufacturer in China. The boots we mainly produce are PVC boots, rubber boots, Eva boots, and safety shoes.

With about 20 years of experience in the industry, we now have a professional production process, and quality control system in the whole production period. So you don’t need to worry about the product quality.

We are experienced in safety shoes, and work boots exporting, so it’s your first time to wholesale China’s safety boots. Please contact us. We can talk about the details.

What is the price?

Since we are a safety products manufacturer, the prices will depend on your requirement or the quantity. So please fill out the below contact form.

We will get back to you within 12 hours.

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