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pvc boots with steel toe

The safety shoes we are familiar with are lightweight safety boots, waterproof safety shoes, and composite toe safety shoes. In addition to these, there is a kind of shoe called steel toe safety shoes.

Steel-toe safety shoes are a kind of safety shoes. The design is to embed a steel sheet at the toe to cover the front of the foot. This safety shoe is especially suitable for construction workers and other workplaces where heavy objects may fall.

In addition, steel-toed boots are also very durable and suitable for long-distance hiking. In addition to steel toes, people also put leather or highly durable synthetic materials in their shoes to protect the top of the foot and the lower part of the calf.

The ends of most boots are located in the middle of the calf, providing insulation and protection for the ankle and arch of the foot and toes. Steel-toed boots are especially common on logging and construction sites. Durable steel-toed boots can support your feet throughout the day while providing protection, making workers’ feet less vulnerable to injury.

1 What are steel toe safety shoes categories?

Steel-toe safety shoes are divided into toe protection safety shoes according to function, and toe protection safety shoes are puncture-proof.

People use puncture-proof shoes to protect the soles of the feet and prevent being punctured by various sharp and hard objects. The main function of anti-smashing shoes is to prevent falling objects from hurting the feet. The front toe cap of the shoe has impact-resistant material.

2. Steel toe safety shoes material

Steel-toe safety shoes commonly used materials are PVC and rubber.
PVC vs rubber boots: PVC boots and rubber boots have their characteristics. PVC boots have good physical and chemical properties. Intuitively, it is a lightweight, high-gloss plastic material that lacks texture.
The advantage of rubber shoes is that they are very soft. The sole has high elasticity, high wear resistance. It can withstand multiple bending, stretching, and compression, thereby improving comfort and response speed. It is also resistant to acids and alkalis, so it is suitable for wearing on rainy days. But the disadvantage of rubber shoes is that they are not wear-resistant.

3. What about the prices ?

Due to the increased use of steel, the price of PVC safety shoes with steel toe is higher than other shoes such as PVC rubber boots.
If you become our distributor, you will be able to wholesale safety shoes from us at the lowest price.

4. Want to wholesale the safety shoes from Dowell?

As a safety boots manufacturer with many years of trading experience, our factory has a large output, fast transportation, and low prices. You can first understand our minimum order quantity and then generate orders as needed if you are already familiar with our products.
In this case, you can directly select the desired style, pay the deposit, and then proceed to wholesale. You can also decide whether to wholesale or not after seeing our sample shoes. In summary, if you have any needs in this regard, please contact us as soon as possible.

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