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EVA Winter Boots Guide

We shared information about the EVA boots in our last post, and I believe now you know what the EVA material is, what the EVA boots’ advantages. Since EVA material is much more light and has perfect elasticity and flexibility, there are many EVA boots. In this post, we will share with you the EVA winter boots knowledge. Are you ready? Let’s go! 

What are EVA winter boots? 

The difference between winter boots and regular EVA boots is the insoles. Generally, there will be separate insoles in the  boots. That is because the work environment temperature is below 30℃ or even 50℃. Keeping warm is the first thing. 

What characteristic does the EVA winter boots need?

  1. As we just talked about, keeping the foot warm is the first thing that the boots do. So EVA material needs good performance under super low temperature degrades. 
  2. Anti-slip. Many people will wear the EVA safety boots in winter to clear snow. So it’s anti-slip is a crucial requirement. 
  3. Oil or Chemical resistance. Some work environments are with oil or chemical. So it requires the EVA winter safety boots are anti-oil and chemical. 
  4. Electricity insulation. The electricians’ work environment is hazardous, and usually, they will wear the EVA winter safety boots in the cold weather. The cotton insoles ensure their foot warm, and the EVA electricity insulation will make ensure their safety. 

Of course, the winter boots have many other characteristics, and we will not list them here. 

What are the categories of the boots?

The winter boots categories are mainly according to the insoles thickness and the material of the boot. To make the shoes warm under extreme temperature, let’s say -50℃, the thickness of the insoles will increase—especially the foot part to protect workers feet from long dwelling time in ice. 

Some work environments are terrible, and it isn’t easy to protect people from slipping with the soles of the boots. Therefore, it is necessary to install removable spikes on the soles, ensuring the boots slip resistance performance.

As the EVA material’s characteristics, many manufacturers will apply them in the home use EVA boots. The home-use boots no need to require the strict safety functions as the safety boots. But they still require slip resistance, keeping warm, waterproof performances.  

What is the production process of the EVA winter boots?

There are many styles of EVA winter safety boots; they are suitable for different work environments. It’s best to produce the injection molding machine’s shoes to make the boots with the best waterproof performance. Since there are no joints on the boots, the waterproof performance is super good. 

All our EVA winter safety boots will pass the puncture testing, resistant testing, and tensile testing before shipment. So please do not worry about the quality. 

EVA winter boots (2)


EVA winter boots (1)

How to source the boots?

In the future, more and more shoe styles will apply the EVA material. No matter the sports shoes, casual shoes, as well as the safety shoes. Therefore, the market’s demand is increasing. 

Our company Dowell is a professional safety shoe, PVC boots, and EVA boots manufacturer in China. If you want to start your EVA boots wholesale business, please contact us directly via the below contact form; we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

FAQs For You To Wholesale The boots?

 Can I ask for one pair of samples before place an order?

Yes, we can send you one piece sample for free as your quality check, but the customer need cover courier cost by, such as DHL, TNT, FedEx, EMS, etc.

  Do you have a CE certificate? We need it to clear custom?

Yes, Our PVC boots have a CE certificate.

What is your payment, how can we start cooperation?

We accept both T/T and L/C payments. If you have any other payment requirements, please contact us directly.

How to be your distributor of the winter boots?

First, thank you for your trust in us. We do want to broaden our business in the industry. Please contact us by the contact form, and we will get back to you asp to discuss the details. 

Do you accept the custom design of the EVA winter boots?

Of course, we do. We have our design engineer, and please share your sketch, requirement, and estimated quantity for us to check the cost. Dowell has about 15 years of experience in custom designing. We know what is necessary and meet the consumer’s demands. Please feel free to contact us. 

Well, thank you for reading this post. We do hope that our posts will help you to know about the boots, as well as our company. We picked up the below commands for you. 

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