PVC Rubber Safety Boots Knowledge You Should Know

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1 What are PVC safety boots?
2 Why you need the PVC safety boots?
3 What is the difference between PVC rubber boots?

4 What are the PVC safety boots categories?

4.1 1. Material
4.2 2. Applications
4.3 3. Toe Types
4.4 A) Steel Toe
4.5 B) Aluminum Toe
4.6 C) Composite Toe( Non-metal)

5 4. Functions

5.1 5. Gender Men Women
6 6. PVC boots height

What are PVC safety boots?

According to research, there are about 60000 cases of foot injuries every year. These injuries usually will bring the extra cost to the worker’s family and employers. Therefore, many of these injuries will not happen if they take proper security measures. So the safety boots were there in the market. 

There are many safety shoes styles; in this post, we will share the PVC safety boots. Their material is usually plastic, and the colors are bright. 


Why you need the PVC safety boots?

As we said above, PVC boots can help to avoid foot injuries at work. So it’s necessary to wear PVC safety boots. On the other hand, the OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires workers to wear safety shoes. If they don’t, then employers can send them home. So the PVC safety boots are necessary for some work. 


What is the difference between PVC rubber boots?

When you are choosing the safety work boots, you will come across this question. PVC safety boots and rubber safety boots, which more suitable to choose?

Well, which material of the safety boots to choose will depends on your work environment. How much do you want to spend on the safety boots? And how many hours do you wear them for your work? We have a complete comparison about this, and please check PVC Rubber Boots The Complete Guide For You.

What are the PVC safety boots categories?

Dowell is a professional safety boots manufacturer with about 20 years of experience. Now we will share with you all the categories from different points of PVC safety. So you can have a quick dive into it.

1. Material

Maybe you have checked the post-PVC Rubber Boots The Complete Guide For For You, you will know about the difference of the PVC boots. Besides the material rubber, there’s another material. It’s the TPU, and TPU is similar to the material PVC, but not exactly same.

Usually, the difference will be the boots’ outsoles. There are three types, TPU outsoles, Nitrile outsoles, and outsoles. What kind of outsoles to choose?

For each material of the outsole, there are several advantages and disadvantages. To sum up, we listed the advantages and disadvantages of different outsoles for you to know the difference more clear.

So, you can choose suitable safety boots outsoles for your work.

2. Applications

Are all PVC boots designed for industrial use? Not at all. Cause the appearance of the safety boots is cool, you can certainly wear them in casual situations.
The most common PVC boots in your house may be PVC rain boots. It’ll be quite funny if you wear the PVC rain boots on your family lawn and play with your kids on the property.

3. Toe Types

One of the PVC safety boots’ functions is to protect foot injury from falling objects. Therefore, many PVC boots will
Add the steel toe into the shoes. You can turn to this post for more information: PVC Boots With Steel Toe Why You Should Wear At Work?
How many kinds of toes for the PVC safety boots, we listed as below:

A) Steel Toe

The steel safety toes are the industry standard, and employers can send their workers home if they don’t wear the steel toe safety boots.

B) Aluminum Toe

Since the work steel toe work boots are heavy, to make the PVC boots lighter, the aluminum toe is an alternative. Aluminum toe(also as alloy toe) tend to be 30 to 50 lighter than the steel toe safety boots.

C) Composite Toe( Non-metal)

As you know, metals can conduct electricity easily. So it will not be a good choice for the workers in electrical environments. On the other hand, the composite toe is metal-free, so they do not conduct heat and cold, and they are good for work in extremely high or low temperatures.

4. Functions 

Until here, you may know the functions of PVC safety boots. They are waterproof, anti-chemical, anti-high temperatures, and extremely low-temperature resistance.
So if your work at a chemical plant, you can choose anti-chemical safety boots. And please note to pay attention to the shoes’ outsoles, boots, toes, and prices.

5. Gender Men Women

Do you have PVC safety boots for women? Of course, we have. But no matter the safety boots for men and women, please do remember to buy a larger size. Because you need to wear unique socks to make the shoes comfortable.

6. PVC boots’ height

Cause people will wear safety boots in various work environments so that the PVC safety boots’ height will differ.
There are thigh-height boots, knee-height boots, and ankle-height boots.

Thigh-height PVC boots are usually for fishing or wildlife work. And ankle-height PVC safety boots are more convenient in some work environments.

In conclusion, we list the PVC safety boots categories from materials, applications, toe types, functions, gender, and boots height.

If you want to wholesale the safety boots, please contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.



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