Want To Know More About EVA Winter Boots? Read This Post!

EVA boots

Want To Know More About EVA Winter Boots? Read This Post!

According to research, there are thousands of people injured in the working places. As a result, the labor institution required all the laborers to wear security products such as EVA winter boots at work. Or else, they will have to stay home.

Therefore the safety products demand is rapidly growing these years. Our company Dowell is a professional safety boots manufacturer since 2000. Our main products include safety shoes, PVC boots, EVA boots as below.

If you want to wholesale the PVC boots, safety shoes, EVA boots, please contact us.

What are EVA boots?

EVA boots are boots from EVA material, which is light and has continuous functions. EVA is a soft, flexible plastic with low-temperature toughness and stress crack resistance. The flexible EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. You can check more information in this post: EVA Boots Guide.

What is the difference between PVC and EVA?

PVC boots are heavier than EVA boots material, and this makes the finished boots are heavier than the EVA boots. If you need to wear the shoes all day long, we suggest choosing the EVA boots.

PVC material due to yellowing/aging / poor frost resistance, generally used in low-grade shoe tops. EVA outsole refers to a material. The material is EVA foam back; the advantage is very light, but do not wear, combined with the general rubber, as part of the upper half of the outsole is EVA.

What are the EVA boots categories?

Since EVA material has advantages in weight, elasticity, flexibility, and price, the boots are usually suitable for the wet environment and chemical work environment.

According to the EVA boots’ height, there are ankle EVA shoes and knee height boots. Ankle EVA boots are more casual to wear. They are suitable for a spotless environment, like the operation room. Another name for the EVA shoes is EVA slippers. They are very convenient comfortable to wear, and you can turn to our EVA shoe product page here.

As EVA material is light, the room in the EVA winter shoes is available for the insoles. It can help to keep people warm at a shallow temperature.

How to wholesale Eva boots from China manufacturer?

As we introduced at the beginning of this post, the safety products demands are rapidly growing fast. So if you want to wholesale the PVC boots, EVA boots, please feel free to contact us; we will contact you within 24 hours. If you’re going to custom the shoes with your logo, please also send us your tech pack file.

How to choose the boots?

Keeping warm is very important for the EVA winter boots; if you want to choose the EVA winter boots, please pay more attention to the insoles. You can check more information in this post: EVA Winter Boots Guide.

The care tips for boots.

1. Please keep the EVA winter boots clean and dry when taking them off because their chemicals on the boots’ surface will bring damages to them. So, keep in mind keeping the shoes clean.
2. Take the insoles out and make them dry. As the EVA boots are waterproof, and that means the heat inside boots can’t go out as well. So if you don’t want to put your feet in an “ice hole,” dry the insoles.
3. Please don’t bring them close to the fire. The high temperature will make the EVA boots easy to broken. So keep them away if not necessary.

How to get a sample of the EVA winter boots?

We know that the business can not proceed without touching checking samples, so we provide boots samples for our customers. Please leave your message. And let’s talk about more details.

Do your EVA winter boots has the certificate?

Our EVA winter boots have the certificates for the export here and the import process in your country. Please contact us for the details.

How do you control the quality during the EVA winter boots production?

As a professional and experienced PVC boot, EVA boots manufacturer, we have built our quality control system to ensure quality.

We want to be the best business partner in China.

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