PVC Rubber Safety Boots Knowledge You Should Know

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PVC Rubber Safety Boots Knowledge You Should Know

People often use materials such as PVC and rubber to make safety shoes. PVC and rubber materials have high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance, effectively preventing static electricity and controlling dust. PVC rubber safety boots are non-slip, wear-resistant, soft and fold-resistant, cost-effective, and make people feel relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, the safety shoes are lighter in weight, allowing people to walk freely.

Safety shoes are a particular branch of footwear. Compared with everyday shoes, safety shoes have a special protective effect and carry users’ safety and health. With the increasing emphasis on production safety in various countries, the demand for safety shoes from companies in multiple countries increases, and the safety footwear market is scorching. PVC work boots can meet most people’s needs for safety shoes in production operations.

PVC rubber boots category

1 PVC rubber boots category
2 PVC vs rubber boots
3 PVC vs. rubber rain boots
4 How to wholesale safety boots from the manufacturer?

PVC rubber boots are divided into five main types. They are toe-protection shoes, insulated shoes, anti-static shoes, rubber boots, and cold boots.

PVC vs rubber boots

PVC boots and rubber boots have their advantages and disadvantages. PVC boots have good physical and chemical properties. From an intuitive point of view, we can say that it is a plastic material characterized by lightness and substantial gloss but lacks texture. PVC soles are usually suitable for fashion shoes because their thinness and lightness give the boots a solid three-dimensional appearance. It can highlight the unique smooth lines of fashionable shoes, so they appear relatively high-end.

The advantage of rubber shoes is that they are very soft. The sole has high elasticity, high wear resistance, can withstand multiple bending, stretching, and compression without being damaged, improving comfort and reaction speed. It is also resistant to acid and alkali, so it is suitable to wear on rainy days. Rain boots are rubber shoes. But the disadvantage of rubber shoes is that they are not wear-resistant.

You can know more difference about the PVC vs rubber.

PVC vs. rubber rain boots

The rubber rain boots are formed by die-casting, and it is not easy to control the fineness in the process. The production efficiency is relatively low, and the appearance of the finished product is fairly rough. However, its insulation and anti-corrosion properties are better, and its softness and breathability are better than PVC rain boots. PVC rain boots are injection-molded, and the process is easy to control. The production efficiency is relatively high, and the material appearance is rather beautiful. The most important thing is that the price of PVC rain boots is relatively low. But PVC rain boots have poor insulation and corrosion resistance.

The inner wall of rubber rain boots is generally beige cotton cloth, which is comfortable to wear. The inner wall of PVC is usually made of cotton cloth without an internal wall or only material like silk mesh, which is uncomfortable to wear without sweating. However, no matter what material rain boots you choose, they must be cleaned and stored after use. Don’t let your feet get wet on rainy days. Otherwise, it will harm your body.

How to wholesale safety boots from the manufacturer?

As a PVC boots manufacturer, we have large output, fast shipping speed, and low price. You can first understand our minimum order quantity and then initiate an order according to your needs. Suppose you are already familiar with our products. In that case, you can directly choose the style you want, pay the deposit, and then proceed to wholesale. You can also take our sample shoes first and then decide whether to wholesale. Suppose you want wholesale safety boots from a PVC rubber boots manufacturer. In that case, you can get in touch with us as soon as possible.


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